Our Haunted Travels Coloring Book Volume 1 - Signed

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Sit back, relax, grab a box of colored pencils or markers and come along on these adventures with Marianne and Shawn Donley as they travel to locations throughout the United States that have paranormal claims. Since their honeymoon in 2006, they have been going on historical adventures all over this country, and in 2010, they started researching and investigating the paranormal. Marianne and Shawn are also owners of Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and the paranormal location database PANICd.com. You can also tune into their weekly podcast Untold History Revealed or hear their Haunted Spotlight episodes on BTE Radio (BeyondTheEdgeRadio.com) monthly. You can also watch their episodes of “Our Haunted Travels” on the PANICd.com YouTube Channel http://youtube.com/PANICdVideos. This coloring book features photos of locations taken by the couple during their travels.

This copy will be signed by Shawn and Marianne